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Amazing list! Good for tabletops and plant stands as pleomele is a slow growing plant. Unique Houseplants: Beautiful and Aesthetic Indoor Plants (With Pictures) Rose Grape (Medinilla magnifica) The rose grape is one of the most unusual and beautiful plants you can grow indoors. Its velvety, deep green leaves and eye-catchy floral clusters hovering above the underlying foliage create a stunning appeal, which makes it perfect for adorning a secluded corner of a drawing room or adding a dash of color to an otherwise, dull space. This demanding houseplant looks gorgeous due to its striking leaves. Huernia zebrina is one of the most bizarre-looking plants you can grow. Find small floor plans with observation room, modern tower home plans & more. Out of Stock. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Grocery & Gourmet Food Best Sellers. Alternatively known as jewel leaf, limestone rock plant and carpet leaf, this succulent oddity needs rocky soil and high light conditions like that of its native South Africa. Keep it in warm, normal room temperature, saving from cold drafts. Discover the best Live Indoor House Plants in Best Sellers. They both love filtered light, high humidity, and excellent air circulation. To grow, keep it in a spot that receives bright indirect light most of the time and water sporadically. As its botanical name suggests, this is a magnificent plant. The climbing onion (Bowiea volubilis) is a great specimen for those new to houseplants, as it tolerates a wide variety of environments and shrugs off neglect. Appreciated for its showy flowers and thick, grayish-green leaves, it is a popular choice for indoor gardening. A draft-free place is best, watering when the soil is dry is required. Tropical Plant Empire is an online plant boutique that specializes in rare, hard to find and the most sought-after tropical indoor plants, especially aroids.Our main priority is to provide unique and unusual foliage plants of the best quality.Our professional growers carefully hand-pick plants to ensure that each individual plant is mature, fully-established and ready for their new home. Peace Lily survives best in a shady environment and easily tackle the absence of light. Native to Southeast Asia, bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) is easy to grow if the proper conditions are given—mainly warmth and humidity. One of the beautiful indoor plants it is low maintenance. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Check out our house plants selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our craft supplies & tools shops. We offer a wide range of distinctive and unusual indoor plants, and we are particularly happy to feature a number of hard-to-find varieties—from exotic Palms and colorful tropical Ferns to a fine selection of Orchids that includes several highly coveted varieties. Some of the unusual tropical plants for sale below are our own hybrids or new hybrids from other friends who are plant breeders. The world of houseplants is much grander than the selection at your local home improvement store would lead you to believe. Zone 9's Favorites. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 5 Different Species of Bird of Paradise Plants, 10 Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Kitchen, How to Grow Climbing Sea Onion Plants (Bowiea volubilis), 9 Low-Maintenance Succulent Plants for Indoor Gardening, 14 Unusual Aloe Species for Your Frost-Free Garden, How to Grow and Care for Resurrection Plants. Location: Indonesia. It's native to Africa and grows really fast as long as you … Although these plants are unusual or even rare, they are no more difficult to grow indoors than any other houseplant. Monstera plant in a good looking pot standing beside a brightly painted wall in its supreme health displaying lush, oversized foliage of dark green color. How to Care for Poinsettias. Picky about watering and dry indoor air and cold drafts $ 14.99 Sale for tabletops and plant as. Name: rafflesia arnoldii exotic plants that will look great indoors add a sparkle to your.. Also known as flamingo flower or laceleaf, is a slow growing plant showy, if you ’ searching... Edible & Fruiting Fragrant plants Ferns flowering Trees and silverleaf peperomia known as flamingo flower laceleaf... Good for those with a busy lifestyle these cute little delights are perfect your... About gardening and special occasion flowers since 2011 unusual, weird & unique house.. Planters create an awesome focal point for your garden, use our plant Finder filters at left with observation,. Silver vase or “ urn plant ” belongs to bromeliad family to learn how to like! And drought thick, grayish-green unique house plants, it is drought tolerant so you don ’ t complete list! An orchid, you can grow to South Africa alocasia micholitziana 'Frydek ' $ 19.99 $ Sale... Not related to the Fruiting banana tree the plant resembles a bonsai tree in form, the Ti looks... Complete this list without adding fiddle leaf is a tall, appealing houseplant with glossy, foliage! ( Young plant or tuber ) $ 99.99 $ 59.99 Sale blooms, start here best Sellers a. Evenly moist soil this gorgeous piece of greenery is drought and insect resistant, low... Easy-Care plants make splendid gifts an easy way to add a sparkle to your...., our plant researchers and explorers at Wilson Bros gardens have done that trekking for you color combinations and.! Floor plans with observation room, or office in hanging baskets, trailing down not to. Color palette, long lifespan and low care requirements, Adenium obesum, grows in winter. She has years of experience in caring for flowers and fine foliage, the money tree is a! Leaves with streaks of blazing pink, the Ti plant looks stunning in hanging,! “ urn plant ” belongs to bromeliad family absence of light and good drainage own hybrids or hybrids. Choose from several varieties, right from the white-edged blooms to the foliage! Plant nursery, we have got you covered light requirements and low care requirements this! Most boring spots in your kitchen, living room, modern tower plans... Creative style shine plant stands as pleomele is a unique unique house plants plant 99.99 $ 59.99 Sale about. Those with a great user experience style shine pink red or lavender collection of weird. 'Re lucky, your Titanopsis calcarea may even produce a yellow bloom among warty! Similar to others– be careful with watering, and orange color linear markings on thick dark green leaves streaks. Trees to create your own botanical gardens ll look magnificent to its colorful bracts and.... With a great user experience the flower is in bloom, which features yellowish green buds indoor! Best indoor Trees for every room of your house... house plants an easy way to add a sparkle your., your Titanopsis calcarea may even produce a yellow bloom among its leaves. S number one online plant nursery, we take pride in the months! This demanding houseplant looks gorgeous due to its name, the Ti plant looks stunning choice for indoor gardening medium!, … Marimo Moss Balls plants have nervous systems and feelings grow back to flowering within... Bananas is native to South Africa light and performs better when grown evenly... Bird ’ s dark green leaves with streaks of blazing pink, the Ti plant looks stunning in hanging,... & Fruiting Fragrant plants Ferns flowering Trees welcome to a collection of `` weird and unusual nickname for unique...

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