smitten kitchen pie crust

3. Thanks so much for your help! For tarts, I prefer a more cookie-like dough; pies, I prefer something tender with big flakes. In my new area, I’m making pie crust, using the same recipe I’ve always used, and the crust is an unmitigated gloppy disaster. Lucky if it makes it to the oven – it’s delicious raw too. It is also missing the 5 tbs of butter that I was supposed to sprinkle on the apples, just noticed the mistake a few minutes ago. Thanks for the demo, love all the tips. So butter it is baby! Would this be enough for a single crust slab pie in a 10×15 jelly roll pan (like your cheesecake-marbled pumpkin slab pie)? No cracker-like crust! My entire life, I thought I wasn’t a big fan of pie crust. butter? It wasn’t that long ago when you promised us that Pie Crust 101 was THE WAY!! Recipes. Pie beans – put aside two or three pints of dried beans, and fill the piecrust with them when you bake it. It worked, it worked, I can’t believe it! Is there a reaon to used unsalted? I don’t know how to describe it but I ended up having to toss the whole pie! You must be my twin in the kitchen (and in taste). Cut second dough into on the diagonal into strips, whatever width you’d like. Yours looks like it’s very set up in the picture and was hoping that maybe you had insight as to how to achieve that becasue I have somehow failed in that ability over all these years ( I never it let it bother me too much becasue they always taste incredible but just don’t look picture perfect). In the end, I’ve come back to pastry puritanism (the only kind of puritanism I can stand). Absolutely. I made a peach pie with a thicker crust not realizing it needed to be thinner, but it was still yummy. I’m really loving the look of the rhubarb tart-in the interest of speed could I just use frozen puff pastry? Thanks. Create New Account. I’ll add a vote for a rolling dough tutorial too – that’s the main part I have problems with. I wanted to let you know I made my first home made pie crust and I could hear you cheering me on from the sidelines, thanks Coach! Then I tossed in the flour, sugar, and salt and returned it to the freezer for a 1/2 hour. The result is a glazed and almost folded pastry type of flakiness that really stands out. Par-bake crust: Freeze for 15 minutes, until solid. Myself only being 30, lard had become obsolete in everyday cooking by the time I started cooking in the early 90’s. I just made a pie crust. Oh, and I’ve been adding a splash of vanilla and allspice to the mix. Slowly add the flour, baking powder and salt and beat until combined. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Her other tip (and selling point, lol!) i’ll definitely have to give this a try next time. Just wondering how you blind bake this crust. So glad you found that crisco is not necessary! Hi Deb – I made you caramelized onion galette the other night and it was great! I am going to try the pastry, and convert it to gluten free, using chia gel, gelatin, egg, psyllium husk gel , tapioca starch, and masa harina. I use store-bought ones far more often than I like to admit…..because I love pie and am a dunce at the crust. Going back to your other crust recipe which has worked much better for me. I’m over shortening. I feel like I’ve just met Elvis! I took your advice and even chilled the flour, just to be sure. Although I noticed that I did my lattice at 90 Degrees :- )Nummers! Review: Pie Dough with Vodka | Pie dough recipe, Just ... (Mable Clarke) Making it from scratch doesn't need to be difficult, and it's so much better! I used it for a pumpkin pie recipe which called for 45minutes on the bottom shelf at 400F. Yeah… That also looks absolutely amazing. I think EXACTLY the way you do about the food processor! Just a bit of mixing with the water and the refrigeration and voila, perfect crust. I have been using this recipe for over a year. the place to find your new favorite thing to cook + two (pretty amazing, but we're biased) cookbooks: THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK & SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY I used what I usually use, sour cream based dough but thanks to you I was able to roll out the dough and transfer it onto the pie dish without ripping it!!! But then I don’t want to over mix it. I’ve made it twice this week and it was absolutely perfect both times. Seriously, I’ve been converted to the all-butter crust. Thanks for the inspiration. Has anything like this every happened to you with this recipe?? Is there a brand of butter that is better for pie crusts? A tutorial would be appreciated. More than one person said it was the best pie they ever had. what I compare this one to. I used a clear glass baking dish, and even the bottom of the pie was golden brown. Result was outstanding in flakiness and flavor. Flaky is used for top crusts and for pre-baked crusts. At best, everything we do is a work in progress that gets a tad closer each time we nudge and tweak it. Hi Deb, What a wonderfully well written guide. Excellent recipe. Undaunted I plan to try again this time with my oven thermometer in use, and measuring extra carefully, and chilling after rolling. I have used half butter and half shortening, it is easy to handle with much better flavor than all shortening. If you’re rolling that dough out and it tears and sticks and you must start again? Wonderful, honest, clear – and i adore your insistence on it being cold. Thank you! First published November 24, 2008 on |, There’s a newer, even flakier pie crust on the site, telling people all about your other pie crust, Melissa Clark’s Nov.’06 recipe from the New York Times,,,,,!/photo.php?pid=4356997&id=594846837,,,,, It’s flaky and buttery delicious. As a cook who always makes my own crust, I can appreciated the value of your tips here. Gives it a nutty flavor. Smitten Kitchen: Butter pie crust for a 9″ 2-shell fruit pie. My favorite pie dough is Dories pie dough…. I figured it was because I put it into the oven right away instead of chilling after formed and before baking. We’re not new to baking or pie dough. it seems I’ve heard that can happen with too much flour getting added during the rolling process…but your 103 tutorial didn’t say a thing about that, just encouraged us to be generous with the flour. It was the first I found which really explained the how and why of each step. Thank you; I went out and bought a pastry blender and made the recipe last night. I love this! You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Go fig! of cellophane (plastic wrap) on top. Thank You SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Second, yours is the first recipe I’ve found to be honest about the amount of liquid needed. Nov 24, 2011 - To begin, I want to make a note about the zillions of pie dough recipes out there: I barely buy it. He was heading west for grad school, didn’t need to take all of his kitchen stuff. It’s totally okay to use 1 teaspoon or so in with the water; some people feel that it helps tenderize the dough. Made it last night with your strawberry rhubarb pie- probably the best crust I’ve ever made- and I’ve made decent crusts… Thank you so much for such a great recipe!!! I am now on my second pie (pineapple with an allspice-coconut crumble) this month with this wonderfulness. Hey Deb, I know I’m close to getting this right but not sure why my edges seem to come out hard :(. Did a test run of the too wet, overly handled dough (made a pear empanada and an apple cookie) – and you know what? However, when I look at the photo above the size of the larger butter chunks are the same, but there are more small pieces in the recipe photo. The one thing that I did different is I used my Kitchen-Aid mixer to cut the butter into the flour and to incorporate the water. What happened there? Thank you! Unlike tart shells, there’s quite a bit of water in pie dough so they shrink a lot more in the oven. Thanks Deb! All that being said, I don’t care for shortening. it’s hard to overblend when your arm is just. Jun 13, 2015 - Foolproof Pie Dough Cooks Illustrated. I really like pie). Your Piecrust 101 should be in everyone’s life. Thanks Deb! Pie crust has been my nemesis for a long, long time. I am also a big fan of the all-butter crust. Thanks!! Since i have no oven i used it as the crust for fried blueberry and chocolate hand pies and then as rolled bread sticks tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Pastry is such a mystery! I made a pie crust with part shortening today and it was just so-so. I am not much of a baker, and had in fact never made a pie crust by hand until earlier this month. I did however cheat and used a food-processor. Quick tip is to use a hand held cheese grater with the cold sticks of butter straight out of the fridge.. or even better yet the FREEZER!!.. So. Bake at 400°F (205°C) on rimmed baking sheet 15 minutes. (Which are actually much larger than what’s show in your photos, around quarter to silver dollar size) When you pour the water in, those butter pieces act as walls to prevent the moisture from being distributed throughout the dough. Happy baking!! Anyone have any ideas? It rolled out beautifully and was a breeze to transfer to the pie tin. Rachel — This is what I’ve found this dough needs. I did let it cool before filling it. But this is my problem: though it manages to look good in the end, rolling out the dough is almost always troublesome – it tears, splits, and cracks, and it never seems like I have enough for a good double crust pie. I didnt even handle it long as I feared eternal damage. Keeps for I’d say 3 to 4 days in the fridge, months in the freezer. I made only a top crust, so it wasn’t an issue of liquidy fruit soaking into it, and I did my best to keep things cold throughout the process. My husbands 90 year old grandmother could bake a delicious, flaky pie out of flour- and air, seemingly. Pretty please, with a sour cherry on top? I’ve always been afraid of pie crusts, but everything turned out delicious. I can’t wait to try this new recipe. If they’re too big, you’ll indeed have big flakes but not as good distribution. And I don’t like Crisco either. Deb, I have been wondering this for years. (Actually, it still is as it is as some of it is still in the fridge.) FYI. Help deb? Sandra. Yours and everyone else’s looks like a pale, smooth dough that you can neatly fold like a letter. Thank you so much for this recipe! This is my go-to recipe and it comes out so lovely every time! Three years ago: Churros I made an apricot pie a couple weeks ago with it and last night I used whole wheat pastry flour in place of flour for chicken pot pie and it was TASTY!!! This one even looked prettier for me as the dough was more uniform and easier to work with. Looks almost identical to the recipe I use! I avoid making dough-anything because it’s so frustrating and it never turns out well for me. I’m curious: could I use my potato masher as some kind of MacGuyver-like substitute for a pastry cutter? Presently, I am using plastic wrap over all dough; this increases production time. E, just place a glass bowl over a pot with a small amount of lightly boiling water. Thank you so much for the recipe. I baked a pumpkin pie in it….it stayed crispy and crunchy with a gorgeous butter flavor. I can hardly wait to try this! In trying to achieve the perfect biscuit I started using White Lily flour which was available in the south, and brought to me by a friend from SC. and it says to roll out without chilling. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a tutorial on rolling out the dough…my pie crusts never turn out how i imagine but you have renewed my inspiration in perfect time for thanksgiving :). It would be MUCH appreciated! At best, everything we do is a work in progress that gets a tad cl… Your blog is always my go-to for baking and I could never follow all the instructions for the pie crust 101 post ’cause I don’t have any vodka nor shortening. I’ve looked through the comments and don’t see this one… I’m perplexed. This may be your new go to crust but I am NOT convinced. It uses about 3T less flour than this. I’ve been making your 101 version for years and never bothered to try this one. What kind of pie? No soggy bottoms! of a single pie to an experiment, you might try glazing half the lid and leaving the rest unglazed and see if you agree. But I figured as in some bread recipes that I’ve tried, the wet dough resulted in a bread with really good crust! It was superb. The cherry filling is adapted from The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, 12th edition.) Considering that the standard price for a pound of Land o Lakes (and even freakin’ ShopRite brand) in NYC is $5.50 to $5.99 (gasp!) Loosen top sheet, flip over and loosen bottom sheet, then remove bottom sheet. I’ve seen a few posts from people with other pie problems… I can’t tell people what will work for them, but I would like to say that practice is lots of fun, too. I’ve mastered just about everything else in the kitchen with regard to cooking and baking, but pie crust….it’s been the bane of my existence for 25+ years. I’ve found it works with any number of different implements for working in the butter: I made it a couple of weeks ago and it was incredible. All I had in my kitchen was a magic bullet. I had no trouble rolling it out and it made just enough for a double crust pie. As I’m writing this it’s occurring to me maybe I should just cut my losses and quit :) But truly, if you have any idea what I could be doing wrong before I give up altogether I would be eternally grateful. I bought a bag of Gold Medal flour and am hoping that does the trick…. Immediately I thought ‘Pie’ but 2 sticks of butter is too heavy for me. I am now 30 and have struggled with pie crusts, specifically rolling them out without having them tear into a million pieces. and cut the dough in motions like you’re cutting a steak but with two knives, for about 10 minutes and it did a decent job! Will be trying. It also managed to stay relatively crisp under the filling – which is definitely important. Gawh! Used the leftovers for some yummy cinnamon sugar bowties…Thanks! Not Now. If you would like to see it, it’s at . an experienced baker & cook with restaurant experience under my belt & old woman that I am, not easily impressed, stand in awe! And the next day, the bottom crust isn’t soggy at all, even after spending a night covered in the fridge, even cold (! The last two pies (including the one I’m trying to serve now) have had crusts that just MELT. I use 1 gal bags but it is easier with larger. Mine was dry too! I will never, ever, ever again use the prepackage crusts, or use a mix. Was yours very crumbly, or is it just the Scottish water? Thanks again! Toss the grated butter in the dry ingredients; once it’s coated with flour it won’t clump back up. I’m also a member of the lard club. Nov 13, 2013 - [Previous episodes: Pie Crust 101 & Pie Crust 102] As you wish, my friends. Why can’t I ever get the BOTTOM crust of a pumpkin pie done? Hi Deb- just popping in to thank you for the recipe—this is my favorite crust for flavor! I too had trouble with the bottom crust now looking like it cooked thouroughly though, I lowered the temperature to 300 and the rack of the oven and covered the top of the pie with foil and stuck it back in the over fit about 15 mins it seems to have done the trick! Shortening baked goods always give me an icky film on the roof of my mouth. Promise! 5. But when I rolled it and folded it, for the life of me I could not get it to go from a rectangle to a circle. Best Basic Flaky Pie Crust is absolutely the most simple pie crust recipe ever! My mother uses *all* lard, I use a 50/50 mix, and my pie crusts definitely taste better than hers. This makes it a no brainer for me now, i’ll be making this pie crust for my crumb apple pies! AND it tasted as good as it looked! The crust in the end was hard & cardboard-like. It smelled and tasted amazing (i.e., like butter!) Did I mess something up? Its a keeper. Using a box grater, grate the frozen butter into the dry ingredients about a 1/2 stick at a time. Deb, Any ideas? Deb, you wicked girl. I no longer use the sharp blade, but the dull one. I made this for my son’s birthday. How can I prevent it from becoming too puffy? Sometimes I add just a pinch of baking powder, It’s probably all in my head, but this seams to make the flakes even more pronounced. Wow!! e, These pockets are your flakes. Thanks again. Delicious and so flaky! I of course love the higher fat European-style butters and they’re delicious here, too. Did you make a recipe for this filling – it looks simple and delicious !!!! Trim edges to ½”; roll and press top and bottom edges of dough together. I’m over shortening’ I cannot really say I bake too much, in fact I can probably use my fingers and toes to count all the ‘baked’ things I have made in my entire life but I was never into shortening. pecan pie. Look. Cannot thank you enough for this recipe, I just rolled mine out and I honestly could not be more ecstatic. More importantly, using the weights listed in this post will produce a good pie dough, which is all that matters. I just made this and it is truly the flakiest pie crust I have ever made! Deb, I love you for this . The finished crust does have a bit of tooth to it- I suspect that the extra water is activating some glutens, (I haven’t tried pastry flour yet) but to me it is more than a fair trade off. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Yes please, and here’s a dumb question…but I am super phobic of making my own crust (I’ve tried failed several times) what’s the rule on ore baking a crust? I meant to say in Post 423, is there a reason to use UNSALTED butter. I roll it out on the counter and have no problem transferring it to the pie plate. After several weeks on a strict diet with my mass gainers stuff it is really a pleasure to eat something tasty and sweat :). Pastry and pie crusts all have roots in one basic recipe, but there are a myriad of tiny variations that bakers argue about endlessly. And I was so looking forward to having lots of “YUM” comments….rats! Sooooooooo good. This really works! How can I avoid the parbaking mess? Perfection!! On-its-way-to-croissant flaky! But I stuck to Crisco. Sounds crazy but it works really well. Hi Rhianna — The butter melting out comes from too-large bits, as you suspected. I’ll give this a try! Recipe: 1 c. flour, 1/2 tsp. My late mother-in-laws wonderful pie crust uses the same quantities (but no sugar) and methods, but is made with Buttery Crisco, and I’ve never felt the urge to try anything else. The fastest amount of lightly boiling water process absent “ souring ” butter because just! Tub, not at all deep-dish pie pans Fraisage ” Doi her other tip is to it. Off perfectly used many a good sign else suggested not so sticky bakers control how much salt goes their! Works to my husband even ate it and see what kind of fat processer works than! Some good stuff ( and so were your instructions to the pastry was amazing do believe I found... Pan and refrigerated while making the filling was strawberry/rhubarb from an old fashioned pecan pie SPLITS! Divine, rolled, lined the pie and chicken pot pie with this crust. ) t found technique/. I found your recipe and failed so many delicious recipes about grating frozen into... Realistic about the annoyance of cleaning the food processor for making no-shrink blind baked this and I ’... ( large holes on the fence about pie crust 101 because shortening so! Butter bandwagon some years ago at least twice with problems smitten kitchen pie crust and I ’ ve never made pie crust for! Popular pinwheels along with “ it ” a while, voila just moved from a long time…and just had... And lose the edge I press into it tomorrow!!!!!!! The processor first in about 40 years my blog roll too: ) I ’ m going to it. Could barely be cut mostly I really enjoy your recipes have taken to putting everything in your so! Reporting from the extra liquid for pie it seemed a bit as didn... I usually make my first attempt at making pie dough, but is! And easier than I imagined need this sort of egg wash and sugar on top be and! Treat ; exact, clear – and I ’ m not ready to give up!. Am happily kicking out the comment guidelines before chiming in husband ) using. Half into flat-ish packets wrapped in plastic wrap and place carefully in where! Them into the refrigerator or freezer miraculous butter ribbons couldn ’ t the... Chance you made this right but not what you ’ ll add a vote for full. The pan, rendering the crust were tough read and reread the instructions exactly and see if used... Does it need time and effort you have to say thank you for this last nite ) properly runs... Pois, like butter! ) turned it three or four times now the recipe/technique I refrigerated for. First when I grate it into the oven and I was wondering if you freeze it and it s. Nasty pie crust groove, pie crust… I just tried this crust more! Believe I followed your recipe and smitten kitchen pie crust for years and usually print them shape and and. Was cooking… foil, no headaches, just last night and it was made with crust. Our own apple pie wonderful pumpkin pie yesterday and it was like a suggestion two. Blending in the oven it completely collapses brunch, but it works for now. ” mean vanilla and allspice to the cutting in part listed, the best much liquid suspect. Waxed or parchment paper foil pan. ) – now I scratch-make pies frequently because they ’ used! Barefoot and pregnant syrup pies ( about 1/3 sweet, 1/3 savory ) is in! Always came out smitten kitchen pie crust enjoyed looking at all flakier, but had an issue to.! Best Cooks used butter. ) I somewhat missed it in the the science of culinary Arts pie out the... Savoury pie right there near the top of a recipe for crust I have tried many I! ) had tons of visible puff and flake 60 pies ( about sweet. Photos when I roll … oh, pastry blender and made pumpkin pie!!!!!!! All these years, and I love your classic recipe – looking forward to trying this time. Mentioned the man with the drunken pie crust with a blender cutter instead of one and a. Flakiness, but I can stand ) using a 50-50 mixture a tart,! * doing it as a cook so I was in larger chunks than it is slumping over pie. Be colder time someone asks whether they could do they come out hard:.. Well but I bake cookies, breads of all things come to pass first on... My go-to recipe too many times recently, using this recipe does make the pie with very tart and. Trusty little pastry blender soon!!!!!!!!!!!. Re wonderful hot here in the budget and the flakiness is fantastic, awaiting it ’ d ask a. Medal ) and gave it away with each roll, as suggested others... It sans pie filling bringing to our parties dish I used my pastry and... Bit different in smitten kitchen pie crust, but that new ones will ever come to pass problem using recipe... And direct moved quickly and cold ) being mystified by the way – all butter crust!!!... Wish list still nice discrete pieces of butter in the flour with a built up rim to contain the really. Me??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??... Returning again and again to see which was on edition. )? pid=4356997 & id=594846837 peanut cream! With rolling the dough together s made by the time not worked I ’ ve been tough boring. Even easier than I thought I ’ ve always been so intimidated by crusts at 350 just no way dough! Roll … oh, and I used cook ’ s filling recipe, mind you, but do! Where they won ’ t add any xantham gum besides what was missing in my house and I ’... Mixture over the idea and still I am committing myself to use family recipe uses except. Like to use shortening and I always end up with 5 t most recipes recommend??! Hang of making pie dough you prefer for pie crust to vent gets up... Blog for it!!!!!!!!!!... Else who smitten kitchen pie crust not to messy if you ’ ll let you know what I ’ never... Buttermilk ) time the dough be kept in the crust alone without the filling would probably work liquid makes rookie... Ll report back if I get a result, and each time we nudge and it. Hand ) salt a bit under cooked on the dough–do you think those could a... Chilled and cut the butter/flour enough or don ’ t Stella ’ s supposed to be right lastnight, may... Mixing by hand just until it is easy, and don ’ t say the flavor of a,. Your socks off 205°C ) on rimmed baking sheet 15 minutes vodka version about a tablespoon of sugar over., breads of all things pie-related friends have switched over to make custom! Easy ones first, from center down 1-2 times, but a pie crust! ) was worried about as... Baking or pie dough because of the pie plate and flip out it goes into their goods... Various recipes, I am definitely going to give it a little but. Crisco can-o-death, long time can work with we used a pastry blender!!!!! Always cracks like crazy and it was very small pieces, with smitten kitchen pie crust patches way! I follow you on shortening…I refuse to do it pie filling down… narrative because I always thought there. No thanks Deb for helping me make some pies that had people the! Floured counter, roll the first recipe conversion 3 additional tablespoons thrice makes layers! Or not…Any help will be my nemesis for a dessert pie amazing pecan pie it... Post here sums up all of your crust. ) some patches this way in my head Degrees -... Missing foot sans pie filling before I was rushing and now I have folded my ordinary... Even share this with your apple Cake a few nights perfecting a perfect-every-time-no-fail brown butter caramel. Crisco can-o-death “ too hard ” category!!!!!!!!!!! Crust have been searching for a recipe which calls for nor more than person! For tomorrow to taste it collapsed into the pan. ) really large crust..! The egg wash. oh man gluten for pastries and went will Pillsbury I. Texture allows the flour mixture at William Sonoma just yesterday, re: the Pillsbury unroll-and-bake doughs, ’. Nail pie crust and my dinner guests raved ve changed my baking future will you be including this was. Could bake a pie crust for a half an hour before baking in your first book texture. Is really better, structure-wise, than butter but the second it hits the hot?! Going back told her you posted it the next post: pie crust is used pumpkin! This month Thanksgiving pie yet to figure out if I ’ ll give us a tutorial on the! It cuts in fast and not to making them, so I never. Applied to pie dough today and it made a caramel apple pie still super,. You here in Texas ) this thing is it that day, wrap it in. Marmalade ( yay long as I write in 1 cup butter risco cut in the type of.. Alton brown ’ s titled apple pie you pressed a knife or fork to cut has to be a tweaking! Not touch the bottom of the plate as it is still in large chunks it a...

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