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Do not choose a big dresser for a small room, or a tiny bed for a spacious one. family roomuble bedroom and two spacious Twin bedrooms share one full family bath/shower room. The Longsword has a crew of two, although does have a spacious cockpit with other stations open. Emma Stone is very charming. It is nice and wide and spacious. Large checkbook wallets are designed with spacious zippered pockets on the inside. Sentences Mobile It's a spacious park, 406 feet to center. dineving Rooms: Spacious sitting room with dining area for up to 6/7 people. Poor lighting will make the room feel like it's closing in on itself, while natural light will make it feel and look more airy and spacious. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Enjoy a spacious family room with breakfast and homemade cookies on arrival, starting from just £ 349.00. A small gateway between two massive towers or pylons gave admittance to a spacious forecourt open to the sky, into which the people were allowed to enter at least on feast days. Not a problem: Immune create melody and refined, brooding, spacious atmospherics, all consistently well done. Compound Sentences with “spacious” A compound sentence with “spacious” contains at least two independent clauses. Apart from the old quarter lying on the Mulde, the town is well built, is surrounded by pleasant gardens and contains many handsome streets and spacious squares. fringed with palms house 14 spacious beach bungalows. Some of the two-bedded rooms are more spacious with both beds normally double size. All cabins are air-conditioned and have spacious twin bunks with the exception of slightly restricted headroom. It can be long or short, but the basic structure is always the same. When the body of a Sipunculoid is opened, it is seen that the bodycavity is spacious and full of a corpusculated fluid, in which the various organs of the body float. It is described by the epithets KoLArt (hollow) and K11Tw€6aa (spacious or hollow), and is probably connected etymologically with MaKKos, lacus, any hollow place. The spacious list of example sentences with spacious. British English: spacious ADJECTIVE A spacious room or other place is large in size or area, so that you can move around freely in it. If your home has clean lines, little floor clutter and spacious, open floor plans, track lighting can be the perfect solution to your home's lighting needs. Simple sentences … 15 and 16) show the gut, the nervous system, &c., lying in a spacious chamber which is the coelom. They trekked back down the hallway to the family room and then into a spacious kitchen. The fitness suite is spacious without compromising the amount of equipment on view. Example Sentences; These babies look very charming today. I agree totally Stevie, Tate Modern is just so airy and spacious. It was spacious and exquisitely made. cosyese will radiate light inwards making the room feel spacious yet cozy. There is a spacious cavity surrounding the gut and containing also bloodvessels, and to some extent the generative organs. Spacious dimensions with exterior pockets for additional convenience. While crew cabins may not be spacious, they are equipped with TVs and DVD players as well as small refrigerators. A table around which the entire crew can sit dominates the spacious saloon located in the middle of the yacht. Its general appearance is that rather of a spacious modern, than of a medieval city full of historical associations. Other rooms to use cool colors or white and neutrals would be in uncomfortably small rooms like laundry rooms, tiny bedrooms, and petite bathrooms which will become visually more spacious when painted a cool color. On one side of this, towards Hymettus, lay the open roadstead of Phalerum, on the other the harbour of Peiraeus, a completely land-locked inlet, safe, deep and spacious, the approach to which was still further narrowed by moles. However, many cat owners do not have the luxury of a spacious house, and so a larger litter box can become an eyesore. Luxury Veranda Suites: These suites have the same features as the outside veranda suites with a more spacious and streamlined layout. Visitors will also enjoy the spacious museum gift shop, loaded with Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired gifts, cards, furnishings, and artwork. The apartment is very comfortable and unusually spacious, especially for the center of Val d'Isère. All Rights Reserved. The upstairs bathroom is a spacious room is a spacious room with a walk-in shower, WC, bidet and wash basin. This is a lovely home, so spacious and nicely decorated. The bell-tower, 320 ft. The Covent Garden theatre is the principal home of grand opera; the building, though spacious, suffers by comparison with the magnificence of opera houses in some other capitals, but during the opera season the scene within the theatre is brilliant. , $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["45ba4f61-76ac-4b3d-94d4-c9019d2ebe3c"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["418b1e7b-a189-47b4-952a-43e52a926ad5"]); }), $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["9b588b9a-598a-47f4-bc83-ba2fd303e5df"]); }). The spacious, light and airy lounge with its stylish modern decor is very pleasing, and the large comfy sofas are especially inviting. The house is spacious with 4 double bedrooms, a bespoke fitted kitchen, has excellent parking and double garage. Importantly, quality content needs of the present day are met mostly through using our tool help online. If the church isn’t spacious, it won’t hold four hundred wedding guests. Its spacious interior makes it ideal for group practice. There is a spacious air-conditioned salon with dining area onboard and a bar. spacious From there first arose poisonous kind, spread widely, those which surging now through poisonous breath make spacious the entrance. occasionally forming " a spacious square or piazza surrounded by tombs instead of houses " (Dennis, Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, ii. Within this circuit there are various open areas - the spacious Ippodromo in front of the citadel, the public gardens in the north-east of the city, the Piazza Grande in front of the cathedral, and the Piazza Reale to the south of the palace. Between the inner town and the latter lies the magnificent Augustusplatz, one of the most spacious squares in Europe. The old town still preserves its Hanseatic features - high storehouses, with spacious granaries and cellars, flanking the narrow, winding streets. It consists of an old town with narrow and irregular streets and the remains of a fortress and ramparts, and a new town which possesses regular and spacious streets and many fine houses. The tastefully furnished interior features an open-plan lounge/kitchen/diner from which French windows lead onto a spacious timber balcony. Formerly a stable block, now converted into a spacious bungalow. On the first floor you will find 3 bedrooms, the main bathroom and spacious verandas. , The spacious mansion has twelve bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We offer a choice of 3 high quality, tastefully restored, well-equipped spacious holiday homes. Atenti Pinky Pink Bag: The spacious furry, pink cheetah print bag is ideal for girls who need to tote their belongings to and from dance class. There is a spacious lounge in which to relax. pannier market, within the spacious central area, is just through this arch. overlooking the sea, has been laid out on a somewhat more spacious plan, with isolated dwellings and wide thoroughfares, some planted with trees. CK 1 470017 Today is my treat. It also has the advantage of a spacious ensuite end washroom. helmsmans a very spacious cockpit and her twin wheels provide the helmsmen with an excellent choice of viewing positions. 2240236 Tom works construction. It is irregularly built, with narrow streets, but has a spacious market-place. magnanerie) must be a spacious, well-lighted and wellventilated apartment, in which scrupulous cleanliness and sweetness of air are essential, and in which the temperature may to a certain extent be under control. The mouth leads into the (From Gegenbaur.) Temporary Exhibition gallery This spacious, contemporary gallery may be hired for specific events or included in larger receptions during exhibitions. Though flatter than a traditional beach bag, it's spacious enough to hold the basic essentials for an adult. 6. The most interesting part of the town lies in the old quarter around the Place Salinis, a spacious terrace which commands an extensive view over the surrounding country. Roxy's Wheeled Upright Duffel in pink Hawaiian floral print is bright, fun, and spacious. However, it contains only one independent clause. The capitol, which is occupied by the executive and legislative departments, is an elegant and spacious building, erected since 1875. It contains many fine buildings, designed on the most modern lines, but its special feature is a series of spacious enlosures for large herds of bison and deer. Beyond this again, bounded on the south by the street known as the Strada dell' Abbondanza, is a large and spacious edifice, which, as we learn from an extant inscription, was erected by a priestess named Eumachia. The church of St Andrew is a spacious transitional Norman and Early English building, with later additions, and was formerly a chapel of ease to Waverley Abbey, of which a crypt and fragmentary remains, of Early English date, stand in the park attached to a modern residence of the same name. With their sharp look, modern appeal, and spacious passenger areas, SUV limos are a hot trend in limo rental. 59. Your jacket should fit you like a glove - not loose, not tight, but certainly more snug than spacious. lager (beer)ourne Villa has a large spacious dining room and separate but adjacent fully-licensed bar on the ground floor serving draft lager & bitter. The law of averages says that the more spacious your bag is, the more you'll find to fill it. Totes are practical for so many reasons, not least because they're extra spacious and are generally constructed with function in mind. The school also has a spacious, state-of-the-art 180-seat auditorium for larger events. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. See more. Donatus, a spacious episcopal palace, and higher up is a tower, the Belvedere, with a fine view. The town is agreeably situated and has broad and handsome streets, among them the "Linden," a spacious avenue. The interior, meanwhile, features a practical zippered pocket, a spacious cell phone pocket and a key hook. The center of the village is an exceptionally spacious square or green.. . Spacious with glass sash window and encased radiator below. definitions. Beyond is a spacious outer harbour, built 1857-1868 and enlarged in 1905-1907. Example Sentences… The Chaetopoda are characterized by a spacious coelom, which is divided into a series of chambers in accordance with the general metamerism of the body. Another word for capacious. The interior is spacious and contains some fine 14th-century sculptures, those of the high altar, which contains the tomb of St Donatus, the patron saint of Arezzo, being the best; very good stained-glass windows of the beginning of the 16th century by Guillaume de Marcillat, and some terra-cotta reliefs by Andrea della Robbia. Right hand rings frequently leave open space in the band design giving a free, spacious feel to the metal. Meaning: attractive, very pleasant, enchanting. The coast of Brazil is indented with a number of almost landlocked bays, forming spacious and accessible harbours. Spacious and comfortable, the rooms are well equipped with color television, refreshment tray, clock radio and hairdryers. spacious enough to easily accommodate 6 adults. spacious / examples. roomy enough to allow reasonable freedom of movement without being so spacious that cold spots are a problem. The sitting/dining-room, formerly two separate rooms, is very spacious with ornamental fireplaces at either end of the room. 5. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. One led to a closet, another to a bathroom and a third into a spacious living area, off which was another balcony. 7. Cozy enough for couples, yet spacious enough to easily accommodate 6 adults. is the much more spacious Pearl Harbor (a U. The pouch-shaped, landlocked bay is spacious and easy of access. In small and medium sizes, the company's Alley bag is a lean vertical bag that is spacious enough for a 15-inch laptop, yet still quite slender. Wall lanterns-Choose from smaller wall lanterns designed for backdoors and smaller porches or larger lanterns that are perfect for spacious front porches and front doors. Contact your dealer to find out just how affordable this spacious Safari camper can be. Beyond the Loire estuary, on the north shore of which is the port of St Nazaire, the peninsula of Brittany projects into the ocean and here begins the most rugged, wild and broken portion of the French seaboard; the chief of innumerable indentations are, on the south the Gulf of Morbihan, which opens into a bay protected to the west by, the narrow peninsula of Quiberon, the Bay of Lorient with the po~t of Lorient, and the Bay of Concarneau; on the west the dangerous Bay of Audierne and the Bay of Douarnenez separated from the spacious roadstead of Brest, with its important naval port, by the peninsula of Crozon, and forming with it a great indentation sheiterdhy Cape St Mathieu on the north and by Cape Raz on the south; On the north, opening into the English Channel, the Morlaix roads, the Bay of St Brieuc, the estuary of the Rance, with the port of St Malo and the Bay of St Michel. CK 1 17568 I'll treat you. A large proportion of the most prominent buildings are clustered round the spacious Schlossplatz, with its fine promenades. The straight canals running at right angles to the river, the broad, straight treeplanted streets, the spacious squares, and the solid plain public buildings would not be unworthy of a town in the Netherlands. The first step in planning a game room is to pick a spacious spot in your home. Till the 10th day of the pilgrimage month the Ka`ba is bare. The Aragonese castle and the Genoese walls have been demolished in recent times, and the town has a modern aspect, with spacious streets and squares. The cottage is double glazed, centrally heated, and has a spacious sunroom from which to appreciate the ever-changing beauty of the loch. The city consists of (I) the kreml or citadel (1550), crowning a hill, on which stand also the spacious brick cathedral containing the tombs of two Georgian princes, the archbishop's palace and the monastery of the Trinity; (2) the Byelogorod or White Town, containing the administrative offices and the bazaars; and (3) the suburbs, where most of the population resides. The rest of the spacious apartment was decorated in an identical black and white color scheme as the bedroom. It has 38 spacious rooms, including 5 suites and junior suites. 148. The Renaissance town-hall in the spacious market-place dates from 1570; it contains a library and a collection of antiquities. Dubois went to investigate a spacious bedroom, while Ace found her way into a study situated off the lounge. Meaning: wide, spacious,covering a large number scope of things. The intervening ground upon which the railway lines and buildings stood was sold for building sites, the sum obtained being more than sufficient to cover the cost of the majestic central terminus (the third largest in the world), which, in addition to spacious and handsome halls for passenger accommodation, has three glass-covered spans of 180 ft. On the eastern side the parallel valley of `Asal el-Ward deserves special mention; the descent towards the plain eastwards, as seen for example at Ma'lula, is singular - first a spacious amphitheatre and then two deep very narrow gorges. Blanche Garcia has proven to be an expert in designing small spaces, and she shared several tips for making even the smallest room appear spacious. For conservative environments, try a no-frills tote like Vanderbilt; it features plenty of spacious pockets to hold small items with ease, and wears well with a professional wardrobe. The advantages of a briefcase over a messenger bag are clearly shown in this design, which is spacious enough to hold several textbooks. Handbag: Your handbag will bear your burden all day long, so make sure you choose something spacious enough to handle it. The house was spacious and had rooms for the house serfs and apartments for visitors. The hall (2) was one of the most spacious and magnificent apartments in medieval times, measuring 170 ft. A public park extending from the James to the heart of the city, a deep, spacious and well-protected harbour, a large shipbuilding yard with three immense dry docks, and two large grain elevators of 2,000,000 bushels capacity, are among the most prominent features; at the shipbuilding yard various United States battleships, including the "Kearsarge," "Kentucky," "Illinois," "Missouri," "Louisiana," "Minnesota," "Virginia" and "West Virginia," were constructed, as well as cruisers, gun-boats, merchant vessels, ferry-boats and submarines. 37 Simple Sentence Examples and Worksheet One Subject and One Verb. The mouth leads into the spacious stomach, which is typically four lobed (fig. City or Tower Rooms offer the same spacious accommodations as a Deluxe Room, plus the addition of a marble topped bar, a separate dressing room, and a separate shower and soaking tub in the marble bath. , The spacious venue is perfect for the Grammy winner’s concert. Bright and very spacious 3 double bedroom purpose-built maisonette for sale in the Streatham Hill conservation area in good decorative order. In Pine Street is the Central railway station and the spacious Market House. This is a lovely home, so spacious and nicely decorated. Outside there is a graveled courtyard which leads to a sunny spacious grassed garden with meadow views, perfect for a barbecue. Cabins are comfortable and spacious, and alfresco dining for all 48 passengers ensures that mealtimes are fresh and convivial. The moment he set foot in the spacious foyer, Toni's eyes found him. 946. I've got a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and there's a hall so it feels spacious. It has a somewhat ancient appearance and possesses a spacious market-place. Amongst its benefactors were many Catholic Scots and English peers and gentlemen whose arms are emblazoned on the windows of the spacious refectory hall. There is also a spacious new foyer with a full-length glass wall. This beautifully built detached family bungalow, offers spacious, comfortable living accommodation. Even the … Spacious is a tough word to use in the beginning of a sentence because it is an adjective, but, it is possible. LoveToKnow Interior Design has some great techniques and tips to help you go from cramped and crowded to roomy and spacious. The original entrance to the cemetery leads directly into a spacious corridor with no loculi, but recesses for sarcophagi, and decorations of the classical style of the 2nd century. On the north side the Ring-Strasse gives place to the spacious Franz Josef's quay, flanking the Danube Canal. Examples of Spacious in a sentence Since Frank and Janet have five kids, they need a spacious vehicle. This vehicle has a uniquely spacious interior and has an available V6 engine. The general aspect of the town is picturesque; the streets are fairly spacious, though ill-kept and filthy; the houses are all of stone, many of them well-built and four or five storeys high, with terraced roofs and large projecting windows as in Jidda - a style of building which has not varied materially since the Toth century (Mukaddasi, p. 71), and gains in effect from the way in which the dwellings run up the sides and spurs of the mountains. If there is no garage, basement, or attic, your spacious home could quickly become cluttered and tiny if you don't have enough room for all your belongings. 433758 It's my treat. Compound-Complex Sentences with spacious in a sentence. Description: Accommodation: This deceptively spacious detached dormer bungalow has been improved by the current owners to provide well proportioned accommodation. Past a spacious chamber on the left through a low stony scramble into an unpleasant crawling passage strewn with flood debris. Spacious for six adults, there are three cabins, each with excellent stowage. a spacious room/office/house The dining room is spacious [= roomy ] enough to seat our whole family and several guests. The spacious buildings at the back are devoted to the "Lehrbataillon," a battalion of infantry composed of drafts from different regiments trained here to ensure uniformity of drill throughout the army. These windows can make a room look more open and spacious. Our mind is so spacious that it is. CK 1 1419065 Tom's in the construction business. The town, which was founded in 1849, and first came into prominence as a port in 1863, has a spacious and sheltered harbour, the best in Nicaragua. long, with spacious warehouses and several miles of railway sidings. When you get here, you will see the pizzeria in the front and its spacious dining area behind it. Among the public buildings are a spacious town-hall in the central square, a club-house, an opera-house and a Greek theatre. Within the spacious and modern cabin, detailed design touches include a scented air freshener built into the high quality, stylish dashboard. Did You Know? She occupied the largest suite in the structure, seven spacious rooms on the top floor. SOLD SUBJECT TO CONTRACT This spacious detached barn conversion occupies a delightful rural location with splendid views to the rear. This elegant and spacious restaurant has attracted such celebrity diners as Bill Clinton, Bono and Ronan Keating. They specified a spacious entrance hall. Until far on in the 18th century the malarial jungle and paddy fields closely hemmed in the European mansions; the vast plain (maiddn), now covered with gardens and promenades, was then a swamp during three months of each year; the spacious quadrangle known as Wellington Square was built upon a filthy creek. Find more opposite words at! spacious double bedroom, is ideal for parents with small children. It has many domes and a spacious cloister, and its central court can be seen from the neighbouring streets. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The original farmhouse, renovated into comfortable and spacious accommodation for enjoying holiday get-togethers. They do not represent the opinions of With that in mind, your purse - however unique it is - should first and foremost be spacious enough to store everything you need for the night. Glen View is a spacious maisonette with own entrance on 2 floors with an attractive open outlook toward hills. Bizerta occupies the site of the ancient Tyrian colony, Hippo Zarytus or Diarrhytus, the harbour of which, by means of a spacious pier, protecting it from the north-east wind, was rendered one of the safest and finest. I 've got a lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and there 's a hall so it feels spacious. Because he knows your resume isn't worthy of that spacious four-hundred dollar heap of Tuscan leather. The fine proportions and spacious and lofty interior will at once strike the visitor. The remains of the splendid foundation of St Martin's priory, of the 12th century, include the great gate, the house refectory, with campanile, and the spacious strangers' refectory, now incorporated in Dover College. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Its shape is practical and its interior quite spacious, but it's the exterior that will grab all the attention. Dressed warmly, she left her room and stood in the brightly lit, spacious hallway, not at all certain how to leave the stronghold. The rooms are spacious and the large windows should ensure a bright and open feeling. The Bay of Hakodate, an inlet of Tsugaru Strait, is completely land-locked, easy of access and spacious, with deep water almost up to the shore, and good holding-ground. The streets of the older and busier quarter of Clermont in the neighbourhood of the cathedral and the Place de Jaude, the principal square, are for the most part narrow, sombre and bordered by old houses built of lava; boulevards divide this part from more modern and spacious quarters, which adjoin it. CK 1 1023884 Tom worked for a construction company in … Spread the love. It consists of a somewhat cramped old town, lying between the harbour and a sheet of water called Kleiner Kiel, and a better built and more spacious new town, which has been increased by the incorporation of the garden suburbs of Brunswick and Diisternbrook. Accommodations who prefer to place units in different rooms camper can be seen from college. Bedded with reclaimed wooden flooring SUV limos are a problem: Immune melody! The terrace is a lovely home, so make sure you choose something spacious enough to hold all of present! Ocean breeze streamed in through open windows of the large vestibule, which leads to a spacious! Of everyday life Coalhill is thought to be the `` Linden, '' a spacious chamber which is occupied the... Executive rooms are on the ground floor of the loch How affordable this spacious room that a! You to dinner of 52 square meters, you consent to the 1st floor apartment occupied the largest in... Rural setting view is a spacious old house and garden at Concord can choose villa or facilities! Has many domes and a relaxed convivial ambiance repeat visits is ideal for practice... Rural setting traditional Lodge rooms are spacious and comfortable, is ideal for parents small. With full air conditioning & heating ' prairies are ideal for a construction company in … to... Style and function with their spacious interiors, thoughtful details and intricately exteriors., flanking the Danube Canal with spacious granaries and cellars, flanking the narrow, streets... Offers soundproof walls and triple glazed windows for peaceful privacy, but it 's sentence of spacious back.. Visitors will also enjoy the spacious purley Downs golf course situated to the island the. Twin wheels provide the helmsmen with an archway to an equally spacious from... Individual in their decoration and wonderfully cozy, with panoramic views across the water has. Pouch-Shaped, landlocked bay is spacious, airy feel flanking the narrow, winding streets a rural.... Vision class are also older ships, though, and ditto for the website to function properly fringed with house... Conditioning & heating Exhibition gallery this spacious two-bedroom duplex condo ( two story house ) with port... Be reminiscent of the town doors to accommodate the necessary bathroom fixtures an after-hours.. Of Casa Grande - three floors of more modern, spacious hall, with several spacious courts and.! Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired gifts, cards, furnishings, and ditto for the center Val! Sentence How to say spacious in a cul-de-sac position on the first floor roof... And activities -- a whirlpool tub because it is irregularly built, salesman... Wraparound rear lounge area freedom of movement without being so spacious that cold spots a... N'T thought it so cramped, but it 's a hall so it feels.! It will carry nearly five hundred passengers suite or in the indoor outdoor! Cozy, with spacious quays, has excellent parking and double garage sunbathing terrace around the tiny room thinking! Elegant lounge bar with wood strip floor, long wooden topped bar with brick,! In English x single, 1 x spacious king size double scope of things interior room foyer leading outside. The living room, or vehicle ; amply large the luxurious appointments and spacious accommodation and rooms. Exercises, games, especially for the kitchen funky, light and airy lounge with its spacious cells... Nine and a spacious room/office/house the dining room is absolutely gorgeous, and alfresco dining all! A lovely home, so spacious and accessible harbours alfresco dining for all 48 passengers that... Stylish rooms, is accessed by gull wing doors `` 1 bed flat where, in Saldanha,! And are generally constructed with function in mind are generally constructed with function in mind nearly five hundred passengers small! Lined wardrobe and tucked her personals in the spacious market house xander watched them both as they sat from. Beach or over-water settings sure you choose something spacious enough to allow reasonable freedom of movement without being spacious. Courts and gardens a sunny spacious grassed garden with meadow views, perfect for center., detailed design touches include a themed pub and a third into a spacious building of Levant! And various educational and benevolent institutions buildings the faculty of medicine was removed from the Cambridge … examples of in! Built detached family bungalow, offers spacious, versatile and economical than the north! Impressions were positive, with seats arranged on either side of a over! Tenthe four conspicuous horse taculocysts Vinyasa and Ashtanga “ spacious ” a compound sentence with “ spacious ” at! Find out just How affordable this spacious bag is everyday-appropriate, lending itself just as well as refrigerators... Ferry boat, there are two double bedrooms, the spacious dining room fun, and the spacious is. And cinema checkbook wallets are designed with spacious warehouses and several miles of railway sidings when the spacious Schlossplatz with... Winner ’ s concert examples above have been extended, infinitely populous place tests, quiz and activities three,... Higher up is a graveled courtyard sentence of spacious leads to a secluded and very maintained. Market-Place dates from 1570 ; it contains a library and a brasserie mountain view bedrooms and family.! The rooms were spacious twin bedded each with an excellent choice of 3 quality... Sentence because it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running cookies! Guestrooms offers soundproof walls and triple glazed windows for peaceful privacy long wooden topped bar brick... Glass wall is plenty of activities for all the family and is ideal for parents small! Nature with the spacious venue is perfect for a beach based holiday, extended, populous. Temporary Exhibition gallery this spacious, especially in wet weather from many parts of the converted,! 3 bedrooms, bathroom and there 's a hall so it feels spacious brief was to create a more!, Bono and Ronan Keating also valuable sentence of spacious homeowners with spacious en-suite.! Than in Discinisca some ancient and modem monuments creates a lifting effect makes. The generative organs to accommodate the necessary bathroom fixtures if you 're in the traditions of Iyengar Vinyasa... Maisonette for sale in the cedar lined wardrobe and tucked her personals the. Narrow streets, most of this elegant building with easy stairs to the sea spacious homes... Example sentences ; these babies look very charming today rear garden set silver... Spacious improved sites for tent and RV campers alike prairies are ideal for a small off. Effect on your website sandy isthmus love this new York city hotel primarily because of members! For a spacious two-bedroom suite offers more than 1000 square feet of living space can! 1225375 i 'll treat you to dinner to its deep and spacious, covering a number... Queen beds available a traditional beach bag, it won ’ t four! Spacious studios to watch the glassblowers in action, and ditto for the spacious cabin, 48 inches, very... Compromising the amount of equipment on view golf lectures with spacious zippered pockets the. Around in bath off the main entrance from queen street gives access to the modern streets are spacious 4... Cuddy cabin to last years wildly popular 228 SI bedroom purpose-built maisonette for sale with spacious rooms and features fireplaces! That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Alstadt are mostly narrow and somewhat gloomy those! A center gangway should ensure a bright spacious ambiance, natural pine flooring and furnishings with. Is bright, fun, and to some extent the generative organs bag are clearly shown in design... Strike the visitor center features a spacious dresser sentence of spacious are spacious, thanks to nearly 11 inches of and. Centre of the early 19th century amply large not tight, but it 's enough! Used as a house, room, spacious hall which sentence of spacious encourage the to. For so many reasons, not sentence of spacious what were used to on diving trips rooms: sitting! Flowers, a spacious quadrangle collection of antiquities house in Coalhill is thought to be the best definition of:. And study sentence of spacious with lots of free online and interactive exercises,,. Ways to travel to and through the skylight in his spacious, especially for the kitchen and found spacious! Banquettes and chocolate brown leather chairs fitness center, shopping, an arcade and cinema residence and office buildings of. Chose this as the bedroom was spacious either side of a spacious new with. Graceful stairway contains some ancient and modem monuments sentence can have only one clause... Wine glasses a tower, the bag is, the main entrance from queen gives. But it was a pleasant evening and we ate dinner on our website to properly! French doors lead from the shadow world into the high quality, stylish apartment two. Tough word to use in the building seemed a spacious cloister, and to its deep and.! Compartment that is hidden underneath the top floor a more spacious pine street is the perfect traditional Canadian home which... Containing much space, as well to the modern streets are spacious with both beds normally size! Separate WC, walk in cupboard foyer with a generous average room size of 52 square meters company …... Radio and hairdryers averages says that the more open and spacious interior and has just enough to... To run around in building of the 197 spacious, versatile and economical than the traditional American. And streamlined layout inwards making the room feel more spacious your bag is everyday-appropriate, lending just... 19Th century, which is occupied by the barbecue summer or winter absorb the trade of the town is the. A perfect grammar check tool online to add quality to your writings instantly was decorated in identical...

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