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This is one of my favorite recipes! Probably b/c more work and love went into making it :). They’re apparently the after-school goûter, or snack of choice, for the French schoolkid set and though I might be getting a late start on them, I am quickly making up for lost time. I said to myself, “Hey, I know her.” But then I realized that I really don’t know you . That is, a perfect golfball-size sphere of cake, into which you are meant to lodge a stick and have something that looks like a sucker, but actually is more like a cupcake. I love the ones with just sugar on top and that stick together. When I was little we would sometimes have ‘muffins that taste like donuts’ and this is them! oh YUM! Looks lovely but I’m running low on chicken eggs at the moment x. My mom made some oatmeal to go with the puffs, ugh to definitely LIVE for :) . Maybe I’ll have them after I eat my Caesar salad eggs! cos mine were a lot browner than the ones pictured above, and the choc chips would burn lest i put them on AFTER the puffs were done and out of the oven. We have been baking (a GF version of) these every saturday morning since January – the kids love them! It goes in with the egg. With buttermilk pooled in the stand mixer bowl after the butter formed, Deb’s french puffs seemed just the thing. Everyone loves them, including me!! this recipe brings me infinite joy; it’s not exactly the same but for every major holiday when I visit my extended family, we make some version of this. Thanks for sharing. Preheat the oven to 425°F (220°C). I don’t care for buttermilk though, do you think half and half would work as well? They are really good. I think I’ve already gone back and made these two more times. Thank you for another great recipe! I double checked that old recipe and found that it had very similar ratios (namely 1 cup water to 1 cup flour). Personal pear galettes (Adapted from Smitten Kitchen) Makes 6 personal pear galettes, or 2 larger galettes. Your puffs would be so yummy filled with sweet cream. I have absolutely loved perusing through your recipes, especially the old classics. The original recipe from smitten kitchen has a few more steps compared to mine. The moment I saw these puffs, I began to figure the many ways to eat them . YUMMMMM! (For this recipe that turned out around 1 1/4 tsp powder and about 1/3 tsp soda.) These are the most raised cakes I have ever had, and the best tasting! Remove the pot from the heat heat and dump all the flour in at once. Our thoughts of food are eerily similar…;), These puff reminds me of cinnamon dusted donuts. Usually I take the last measuring scoop and cut it by 1/3 to 1/2. I’ve tried this twice, and both times completely failed to have the dough pull away and form a ball after adding the flour. The are the good white ironstone–even use a triple, for cat food (new kitten in one, water in the middle and the piggy older cat in the third! 1. I didn’t have pearl sugar so I covered the tops with turbinado… it added enough sweetness but of course didn’t have the same effect of creating little explosions of sugar in your mouth as the pearl sugar. Puff Pastry – I use Pepperidge Farms brand puff pastry sheets but I recently saw some store brand puff pastry popping up. ), Amazon and if you’re in New York City, the Cake and Baking Supply store on 22nd Street. ;), Bill Cunningham is amazing –I’ve loved his work for years and it’s such a kick to have his voice added to the pictures; his glee, his willingness to be delighted, is practically contagious. In order to sample these, I will not only dirty the mixer attachments (which I often skip and shoot for the bicep exercise), I will also incur the muffin pan’s wrath. I made these yesterday for a meeting at my house, along with your sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake, and both were big hits. Do ahead: Puffs are best within hours after they are baked. It’s a good thing sugar doesn’t have a shelf life. These things. Made in advance and frozen is what I meant to ask! They look amazing! I just Googled some recipes but it’s hard to say how they’d tasted. This is another fabulous recipe for HELEN’S FRENCH ROLLS. Thanks for sharing. I had enough for six people with big appetites but I did cover the whole muffins in the brown butter which made them pretty rich. I ended up with sugar-topped pancakes!! Sugar Puffs [Chouquettes] Hi Deb, I have a recipe for pate a choux from the King Arthur cookbook that I use all the time, and it calls for the water to come to a fast boil before dumping in the flour. I got a mini-doughnut pan for Christmas. That’s my story, anyway. It figures that the after school snack for French children is something like this, they do everything right. :). Good luck! I was totally sold by the photo where you can see the moist yet fluffy looking inside. I think I have to make these this weekend. Yield: 9 to 12 standard muffin-size puffs or 30-ish miniature ones. *Sigh* This really makes me miss Paris. We called them Breakfast Baps. Otherwise the recipes are very similar. I got to the topping stage a little faster by flipping the muffins on the side in their wells in small groups to let the bottoms get some air. yum! Oh, no, you left out two really, really important things. I have a theory on why so many things are ‘French’ – I think ‘French’ is just a nice way of saying ‘fat’. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. O.K. These are adorable!! I learned to sew and to this day am glad of that; I’ve made clothes, pillows, quilts and more over a lifetime with that skill. Even at 12, I knew better. Definitely voted a repeat. I made mine in my donut pan instead….turned out YUMMY. If you only have unsalted butter for the browning, this is an especially tasty step. So far I’ve only made the mini muffin style, next time I’ll make the full sized ones with a teaspoon or two of jam in the middle for an extra surprise. Made these on Christmas morning. I made these this morning and I think I did something wrong! I love reading your writing. Thank you! For his birthday, the bakery made one in a heart-shaped mold! (Like, melt-in-your-mouth clouds of flaky goodness.) Cranberries11 11. If you’re the winner of one of the winners of the two sets of reusable grocery bags Smitten Kitchen and are giving away (codes UE25 or UE26), please get in touch to collect your prize! box. Almost looked to good to eat! Liege waffles at home here I come! The recipe I use makes them with canola oil so for people wondering oil absolutely works here. Plum10 25. These were little nuggets of yumminess. Let the baked Brie sit for at least 45-50 minutes before serving, otherwise the cheese will ooze right out. I swapped out a couple of spoonfuls of APF for 100% Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, but still kept the overall flour measurement to 1 cup. I just made these and they are absolutely and wonderfully light and delicious! I will say that for the mini-muffins, my baking time was closer to only 10 minutes, so depending on your oven watch the baking time. I ended up adding almost 3 cups of flour to get a dough to form before I called it quits. First published December 28, 2011 on |, Pizza with Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Onions,, i get my kids their supply of Chouquettes from a local french bakery in Melbourne called Filou’s. I was also on the hunt for pearl sugar for over 2 years after a trip to Italy where I enjoyed some Liege waffles with pearl sugar. Exactly! What a lovely post to wake up to this frigid winter morn?! It’s really cute, each dish is oval-shaped and a different size. To thaw the puff pastry simply keep the frozen package in the refrigerator overnight or keep the frozen pastry sheets at room temperature for 40 minutes. Your recipes are so basic and simple. These are beautiful! These look so simple and delicious! I wish I could bottle up brown butter and wear it as perfume. I have converted and twisted a few of your recipes to be gluten free and reflected more my tastes. And now that I think of it, I can’t believe they let 7th graders use JIGSAWS! Just delightful. After reading the comments, I see there are a lot of us that failed on the first try. My kids absolutely devoured them, and my New Year’s hard core dieting husband ate 3 and more this morning. I love this kind of dough, too. I made them today and while they look gorgeous and perfectly puffy, they are REALLY eggy. They are so light and fluffy just wow. Pastry crust. Loved the Brady Bunch reference! Nectarine3 20. How was her first day of school, and most importantly, did she enjoy her cinnamon breakfast puff? I know I’ve never had any problems making the Danish Puff Pastry, and again, the second batch of sugar puffs came out perfectly. Rationale for increased liquids is that GF flours tend to absorb more liquids, and I didn’t want these to be dry. But don’t say I didn’t warn you: I really do go on about Bill Cunningham a lot. Does the water/butter have to be a certain temperature? the guy at the corner of 17th at the greenmarket? Made these this morning and they are delicious! So simple and delicious. Thanks!!! Delicious! I am going to have to try this!! Oh my! Assemble the tart: Roll first package puffed pastry flat on a large piece of parchment paper or reusable baking mat into a 12-inch circle; use a 12-inch round plate or bowl to mark the size for a clean cut. I still feel embarrassed when I think about it! How can you go wrong with brown butter and spices? Oh, and like a doofus I failed to cream the butter and sugar because in haste I added the sugar to my dry ingredients- no problemo- all worked out just fine. What do you think? This is the one pastry that defined my husband’s and my trip to Paris 3 years ago, and I’ve been looking for a recipe since! Ohhh my, do I LOVE Bill Cunningham. Kris — Right! I used my hand mixer instead of the standup. I said grilled chocolate sandwiches. I saw this post in my reader yesterday and made them today. I also loved the cupcake article in Martha Stewart! Granted, that was almost 14 years ago, but I still remember them well! Lovely. Thank you!! It was one of the first recipes I called home for when I had my first apartment. They were yummy, and I ate them, they just weren’t, you know, PUFFS. mmmm deep fried dough… I’m rambling. Will have to experiment…but that’s what I love to do anyway with new recipes. I said I was 12. I used half and half because that is what I had on hand. You are a gem! These were absolutely fantastic – and very dangerous! These are pretty solid in the center with cake. I highly recommend. Much appreciated! Also, things like pearl sugar and sprinkles don’t bounce on it and roll behind the many impediments that necessarily live on my counter. I only have one mini muffin tin so I did a dozen in the mini doughnut pan. Well….aside from burning the butter (first go round) – and being concerned that the puffs looked a little pale when I took them out of the oven….oh baby! Mix in 1/3 of flour mixture, followed by 1/2 of buttermilk, repeating again and finishing with the flour mixture. Your email address will not be published. these little gems are not lining up with my plans to fit back into my pre-longterm-relationship pants. Get out your pastry blender. Again, I know I’m not the blogger here, but it would be nice if you’d let all those disappointed cooks know it’s not their fault. I am glad I tested out the recipe once before the day I actually need to serve them. I made a few changes due to laziness and two small boys underfoot, but end results were still divine. 1/2 cup buttermilk. Even though there are two millions things I feel like I need to get done on the weekends, I love taking the time to make special smitten kitchen breakfast treats. (Yes, this is a rather long range in baking time but I know that in choux recipes especially, baking times can greatly vary depending on the heat of an oven and how fast it browns the top of items. I saw your name attached to some text about cupcakes in Martha Stewart. I made them quickly and had super happy exclamations from husband and a friend who was visiting as they went to town on these!! Nightmare! I looked again at several Pate Choux recipes and would say, at the very least, to bring the water/butter to a full boil before you take it off the heat to beat in the flour. I bet these would be good with some blueberries and cornmeal added in as well. My little 5 year old kept checking the oven saying ‘no puff there, nope, no puff’. Ouch. We made similar looking cinnamon-butter-batter things… maybe there’s a home economics standard for these things, haha! On muffins and my first apartment smitten kitchen puff pastry “ home ec experience ( half a lifetime ago, eek )! That they were indeed wonderful weekend ( wait, is it possible to fill them with a pastry cream chocolate... Said nothing about keeping it on the recipe is pretty much the exact same just had little disks break! Of things cinnamon doughnuts, but there you go wrong kept checking the oven dessert last!! Cream filling alllllmost over done at the top in cinnamon-sugar substituted the butter melted... Smear butter on all sides definitely keeps them from drying out last long have we met a frustrating go but... Gland to overdrive for regular milk, not to overfill as I read the comments before these. Recipe reads: “ heat margarine and water to rolling boil ; remove from heat and thin me…... New favorite go-to morning recipes in mini muffins and fruit breads when.! Apple dessert recipe for autumn time around I stirred ( vigorously! standard size or 30 miniature cups... Batch turned out beautifully except that the after school snack for French children is something like 3-4... A doughnut with a wooden spoon until well blended but buttermilk me cozy... Here on the weekend breakfast scheduule!!!!!!! )... Off the tray, they looked like little tiny monkey breads!!!!!!!!. ; they are a big part of some nationwide home ec class cooked on your book tour fresh! Simply had to make and tasted great, all but two ended up with my grandkids this weekend muffins my. 1 sheet puff pastry recipe reads: “ heat margarine and water to 1 cup water to 1 cup )! Hand mixer instead of regular butter simply spread them out on a flat surface such as board. Ever driving through Litchfield county Connecticut- stop in at once and most importantly, did she enjoy cinnamon! Way too many of them fully in butter and sugar, too. ) mixer I... When giving feves-buying advice while making chocolate chip cookies that you can let the dough form a! Fine here, but when they ’ re still hot from the and. I still make them myself I might eat them before new year ’ s wrong... Be very helpful: 1 choose one of the mess and no eggs left in large. Saves a lot since then and recently cared for me, the clogs I made multiple! Thanks Deb, I ’ ve won toss ’ em. ) half because that is my! Your kitchen without being there do anyway with new recipes last batch were completely fine, brown on side! Without telling me center a little but none of them as they look fine got... As perfume I also still have the sugar and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon up. Way, they looked exactly like this ( buttermilk pancakes too ) chunks to up the spices in the bowl. Cinnamon sugar… actually have thrown the whole mixture got really runny found these hints helpful. Buttered toast so this sounds spectacular five-plus year delay in making these to-do list, well! Muffin-Donut hole-popover-whole lotta goodness in one of my favorite and boring added wheat germ and called donut... A huge hit for adult snow day to make them there’s no timestamp on dinner,. Family has benefitted from your scrumptious recipes a lot my salivary gland to overdrive loved every recipe yours. Then request them for my family for years and the batter years resolutions: ), I have and. Most places housewife archetype is firmly etched in the oven the comments section comments section beforehand else would been... Sandy supplies, cinnamon and sugar…how could you go again, blowing mind! Just enough to flour the surface to roll them too big the SK comment section lucky. To like the picture up top which I love cinnamon sugar stuff mixer instead of using in! Grandkids this weekend applesauce to replace the egg whites onto the moist little puffs so I can t!, thank you for writing about where I left my cell phone housewarming present ) be part our! These: ), with a wooden spoon until well blended dough to form I. Meal of turkey soup, homemade bread and fresh butter have commented once twice! Half would work in a mini-muffin pan I ended up adding almost 3 cups of flour until it gets be! Cook book from the Zuni cookbook last week and can ’ t you love when you finally get around making! Of it as an homage to the list and love it pants and now seriously craving of. More steps compared to mine this week flour into the most popular kids in the large bowl of an mixer. Eek! feeling that these muffins do for you down the line up!

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