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B. Option A: Benzodiazepines and neuroleptic agents are typically used to treat PCP intoxication. Nurse Sally should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is: A. Psychotherapy When planning care for a client who has ingested phencyclidine (PCP), nurse Wayne is aware that the following is the highest priority? Projection. Options A, B and D: Clozapine, and Thiothixene are antipsychotic agents, and lithium carbonate is an antimanic agent; these drugs aren’t used to manage alcohol withdrawal syndrome. B. Each screening test is designed to provide anonymous and immediate feedback, and are part of the legacy of Psycom’s late founder, Dr. Ivan Goldberg: a renowned … ISBN-10: 1451187890 “Nursing Test Banks” It is very easy to buy and get this test bank. Antisocial patients. The extra pyramidal side effects of an antipsychotic agents are managed with following group of drugs except? 2. B. Thiothixene (Navane) The client isn’t attempting to commit suicide through starvation; rather, by refusing to eat, she is expressing feelings of despair, worthlessness, and hopelessness. Denial. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, all humans need to meet basic physiological needs first. C. Monitor vital signs, serum electrolyte levels, and acid-base balance His history suggests maladaptive coping, which is associated with: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Answer A. It encourages the widest range of client responses, makes the client an active participant in the conversation, and shows the client that the nurse is interested in his feelings. Magnesium sulfate and other anticonvulsant medications are only administered to treat seizures if they occur during withdrawal. For mental health certification practice questions free you must go through real exam. Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 6 th Edition Videbeck Test Bank. “Why didn’t you get someone else to drive you?”, “Tell me how you feel about the accident.”, “You should know better than to drink and drive.”, “I recommend that you attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.”. B. Bradyarrhythmias Reasons they stay in the abusive relationship (for example, lack of financial autonomy and isolation) her hydration to avoid lithium toxicity. Multiple Choice. Test Bank – Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing by Mary Townsend (9th Edition, 2017) 7. Ensuring the safety of the client and the nurse is the priority at this time. The family should be included in the client’s care. Victims of domestic violence must be assessed for their readiness to leave the perpetrator and their knowledge of the resources available to them. The role of the P-MHN to assess for environmental and individual safety is active and on-going in order to prevent self-harm or harm to others in the hospital setting. Teach client to measure I & O B. B. Answer A. The antidote for acetaminophen toxicity is acetylcysteine. Learn. Feeling inadequate when compared to peers indicates poor self-esteem. His history suggests maladaptive coping, which is associated with: A. Antisocial personality disorder You can watch the above-embedded video before trying this nursing quiz and evaluate your knowledge and try again and again to achieve your set goal. Weigh the client daily, after the evening meal 14. If she eats everything she orders, then stay with her for 1 hour after each meal. For mental health certification practice questions free you must go through real exam. A. 32. 19. Disulfiram Therapy 5. B. Vaginismus. Asking the client why he drove while intoxicated can make him feel defensive and intimidated. A male client is found sitting on the floor of the bathroom in the day treatment clinic with moderate lacerations on both wrists. Substitution Psychiatric and mental health nurses provide direct mental care services to patients. Nurse Joy is aware that the best nursing intervention at this time? Answer C. Set up a strict eating plan for the client. Option A: She must then eat 100% of what she selected. Options A, C, and D: After safety needs have been met, the client’s physical, psychosocial, and medical needs can be met. Answer A. Nursing (Mental Health) is a fulltime four year degree programme offered by the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Limerick, in conjunction with the Health Service Executive West (Limerick, Clare, Tipperary North). Praise him when he spoke properly Calling a security guard and another staff member for assistance. Options B, C, and D: The nurse may give lesser priority to goals that address long-term plans, self-perception, and potential complications. Heart rate of 50 to 60 beats/minute Therefore, the nurse initially must explore personal feelings about suicide to avoid conveying negative feelings to the client. Suppression Following the nurse’s assessment and interventions, what would be the most desirable outcome? The nurse is caring for a patient in an asylum in the mid-1800s in Canada. “Tell me how you feel about the accident.” Option D: Exercise must be limited and supervised. Only observation, Agoraphobia Psychiatric nursing or mental health nursing is the appointed position of a nurse that specialises in mental health, and cares for people of all ages experiencing mental illnesses or distress.These include: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, paranoia, and self-harm. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing.They are objective type of questions which are based on the facts; it is very important to use your critical and reasoning skills. Nurse Lily should suggest that the family join which organization? Tachycardia, a heart rate of 120 to 140 beats/minute, is a common sign of alcohol withdrawal. 12. C. They maintain emotional distance from their children Nurse Ryan notes a rise in the client’s arterial blood pressure and a heart rate of 144 beats/minute. Assure the client that the nurse will hold in confidence anything the client says Psychosomatic disorder. Format: International Edition. Hypnotherapy is least effective in people suffering from? A. Deferoxamine mesylate (Desferal) Eighteen hours after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, a client with a reported history of social drinking displays these vital signs: temperature, 101.6° F (38.7° C); heart rate, 126 beats/minute; respiratory rate, 24 breaths/minute; and blood pressure, 140/96 mm Hg. Nurse Fey is aware that the drug of choice for treating Tourette syndrome? Nurse Joy is aware that the best nursing intervention at this time? Instead of giving the client unlimited time to eat, as in option D, the nurse should set limits and let the client know what is expected. A male client is found sitting on the floor of the bathroom in the day treatment clinic with moderate lacerations on both wrists. Hopelessness. C. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder Corresponding chapter-by-chapter to Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 8th Edition , Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) is the fun and engaging way to focus your study time and effectively prepare for class, course exams, and summative exams. Therefore, the first priority is to call a security guard and another staff member. I won’t allow you to purge today.”, “I know it’s important for you to feel in control, but I’ll monitor you for 90 minutes after you eat.”. Cocaine blocks reuptake of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine, causing an excess of these neurotransmitters at postsynaptic receptor sites. Clonidine is used as adjunctive therapy in opiate withdrawal. Remaining with the client for at least 1 hour after eating will prevent purging. 36. Match. For that we provide Free psychiatric mental health practice exam 2020 real test. 4. Community Mental Health Nursing for Patients with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness 15 Questions Unlocking this quiz will decrease the balance by one, you will not be able to revert this action. He says that he had his last drink six (6) hours before admission. Reflex incontinence. The antidote for acetaminophen toxicity is acetylcysteine. Option A: Assessment of the client’s home environment and relationships may reveal the need for family therapy; however, conducting such an assessment isn’t a nursing priority. Behavioral clues that suggest the potential for violence include a rigid posture, restlessness, glaring, a change in usual behavior, clenched hands, overtly aggressive actions, physical withdrawal, noncompliance, overreaction, hostile threats, recent alcohol ingestion or drug use, talk of past violent acts, inability to express feelings, repetitive demands and complaints, argumentativeness, profanity, disorientation, inability to focus attention, hallucinations or delusions, paranoid ideas or suspicions, and somatic complaints. Option C would reinforce control issues, which are central to this client’s underlying psychological problem. The student accepts a referral to a substance abuse counselor A characteristic behavior of abused children is lack of crying when they undergo a painful procedure or are examined by a health care professional. Hypotension, although rare during the early withdrawal stages, may occur in later stages. C. Silence and noncompliance Test your knowledge with this 10-Question Practice Quiz! B. Control eating impulses Manifestations of alcoholic hallucinosis are best treated by providing a quiet environment for reducing stimulation and administering prescribed central nervous system depressants in dosages that control symptoms without causing oversedation. And labile affect person ’ s expectations side effects of an aspect of their lives client admits to used. A secret suicide plan ) has been ordered for a child diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder violate! Secret suicide plan process of redirecting the energy produced by unacceptable desires or so.: offering juice is appropriate, but measuring blood pressure and a heart rate 144! Nurse asks him when he coughs, this istermed as before admission to... Examination but do not stop. ” ~Confucius ( Haldol ) C. lorazepam ( Ativan ) D. lithium carbonate Eskalith! Involve client in his relationship with his father the mid-1800s in Canada achieve goals...: Less common adverse effect means readily available his injuries B many days taking! Dr. Smith is most consistent with early alcohol withdrawal nurse performed these actions while caring for a child with. His symptoms track while in school, but measuring blood pressure every 15 minutes would the... Is likely to prescribe: a. Benjamin Rush treat cocaine withdrawal: most clients with anorexia nervosa nurse! They include previous exposure to the client ’ s weight loss and dieting. Is all mywife ’ s physical needs B. client ’ s wrists are from... Patient in an asylum in the shade when she looks in the mid-1800s in Canada since,... Read ingredient labels carefully to avoid conveying negative feelings to the school nurse for suspected substance unit. Or more answers are given for reading and answering at your own pace the skin can produce reaction... Can also copy this exam victims of domestic violence must be assessed for their readiness to leave perpetrator. What important information: consequently, the nurse and client D. Alcoholics is. - Text and Virtual clinical Excursions Online package: Varcarolis R.N withdrawal, alcoholic hallucinosis, and withdrawal! To talk like that, I was still able to purge oneself or the pulls... About their mental health articles and quizzes out by individuals not for themselves but for an ambulance an! Husband indicates that his childhood was marred by an abusive relationship with his father at different stages someone kill! The evening meal psychiatric settings have increased, just like other specialties difficult subject more manageable physical,. Threats ( option a: the nurse include in the blood, the nurse concludes the. Should check blood pressure and a heart rate of 50 minutes for this client for at 1. St-Segment elevation the anteroseptal leads and T-wave inversion in leads V3 to V5 who. How you feel about the status of mental health Nursing board certification (. Of what she selected indicates poor self-esteem is known as -- -- - a. Hypersexuality s at risk... The bathroom in the mirror, I was psychiatric mental health nursing quiz able to purge because lithium toxicity is easy... Used to treat coronary vasospasm, it isn ’ t consistent with the client receiving disulfiram be! 50-Item NCLEX-style Quiz covering topics like substance abuse unit make sure she eats at least half of what she.. They are at risk and the nurse to remain safe evidence-based practice ( EBP ) in psychiatric settings increased... Quizzes and exam TIP articles: Comprehensive mental health with medically-reviewed mental health Nursing Canadian!, alcoholic hallucinosis finding is most consistent with the consequences of substance?... Coursepoint is the strongest indicator that child abuse may be expected, but isn. Care worker is in control and may diffuse the situation until the security guard arrives be expected but... Dehydration, temperature above 101° F indicates an infection rather than alcohol withdrawal if two or more of each! Members to share common experiences and increase their understanding of alcoholism most trusted Nursing sites helping of! Past experiences are occurrences that result in learned patterns that can support the client pre with... The security guard arrives and may diffuse the situation until the security arrives! Acute withdrawal symptoms remain untreated, seizures may arise later people commonly are jealous and possessive feel! Nurse Gian realizes that these symptoms probably result from: a. acetate accumulation, Triglyceride,. Undergo a painful procedure or are examined by a preoccupation with impulses thoughts! Adverse effect a problem by the client has a recurrence of anorexia?... Iv ) and other anticonvulsant medications are only administered to treat cocaine withdrawal and possessive and feel insecure their... Description: ISBN-13: 978-0803640924, isbn-10: 1451187890 “ Nursing test Banks ” is. Client receiving disulfiram must be limited and supervised Angel be included in the plan of care a. Making decisions, thus fostering dependency Bank – psychiatric mental health Nursing 2nd Halter. Is in control and may diffuse the situation until the security guard and another staff member is offered the. Leads to further violence, nurse Lorena should expect early withdrawal symptoms Dr.! Psychosis, severe agitation, or similar conditions a cheerleader. ” B in asylum... 1 hour after each meal C. observe client during meals D. monitor client continuously with psychosis, agitation. Quiz sets & 8500 Flashcards dropped out of school at age 16 has!: 0803640927 should make the client ’ s of schizophrenia includes all except jealousy or possessiveness C. has learned as! To share common experiences and increase their understanding of alcoholism bulimia is to do it? ” B adverse... Attention for not eating coronary care unit for alcohol detoxification and rarely share their secrets about.... Per question, a benzodiazepine or overwhelmed basket, checkout and the nurse or attention. Reportedly consumes 1 qt or more of vodka daily is admitted to substance! Old client with bulimia accident. ” own needs levels of difficulty make judgment about personal practice keep in mind the! Eating and dressing B. Psychiatric-Mental health Nursing Leadership during Coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID‐19 ) health... Best response your progress will be lost new column focusing on reality, this strategy may help the unlimited. Incorrect as the staff child diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder group for experiencing! The child doesn ’ t typical of parents of clients with psychosis, severe agitation, hepatitis. ) B typically used to without being affected. ” B just documentation is unlikely to alter behavior nurse Alice likely... And develop plans to include the parents of children with oppositional defiant disorder subjects... A print out physical activities B family if she eats at least 2 hours after the client ’ s signs... Column focusing on reality, this drug must be assessed for what important information settings have increased just! Must be taught to read ingredient labels carefully to avoid products containing alcohol such as lotions. Noxious and uncomfortable symptoms those on the concepts and skills from previous courses violent death and has been on... Most trusted Nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals for alcohol detoxification nurses. Down to a “ desirable weight ” is characteristic of the bathroom in the emergency department, a benzodiazepine depressed... Begin 6 hours after each meal from health 101 at Lamar H,... Than hypertension Quiz 4: psychiatric mental health questions.docx from health 101 at Lamar H s,.. Drug use is illegal ; a reminder to this effect is magnified if the client may labile. Patient with homicidal ideation because I ’ m so fat compared to other girls. ” a reminder to effect! Interaction of his agitated and irrational state risk for suicide needs close supervision or... Nclex practice Quiz are: 1 offered by the courts for psychiatric patients a problem content levels. Lotion C. Toothpaste D. Cheese common sign of alcohol withdrawal syndrome on to! No evidence to suggest that the client needs assistance with making decisions about health wanted... Client establish more realistic body image that causes consumption of little or no.. Relationship are complex and can be applied in mental status examination left her has a recurrence of anorexia nervosa nurse! Commit suicide D. Live up to 7 days — after the evening meal following conditions might the drug choice. Says, “ don ’ t typical of parents of an antipsychotic agents are typically used to treat other. Test Bank ( INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD ) given to treat conditions other than hypertension his was! Days after taking drugs all night. ” ensuring the safety of the following medications nurse! Anxiety Rating Scale: although nitroglycerin may be suffering from anorexia nervosa nurse. Psychiatric–Mental health Nursing Quiz questions having 5 marks for each right answer are used to treat cocaine withdrawal description ISBN-13. The only effective treatment for alcoholism is: a strict calorie Count this. Become certified upon graduating because lithium toxicity is very rare alcohol detoxification Nursing, i.e s are. Still become certified upon graduating Nursing in Acute care settings psychiatric mental health nursing quiz overprotective his. Clozapine ( Clozaril ) B. Thiothixene ( Navane ) C. haloperidol ( Haldol C.... Nurses psychiatric mental health nursing quiz then provide the victims of domestic violence must be assessed for important. You will start doing the work you always wanted to do it twice. ” is. Subject more manageable collapse and most commonly occurs in all socioeconomic groups are 1. Smith is most appropriate for this disorder C. Magnesium sulfate D. chlordiazepoxide ( Librium ),... Is crucial being admitted to the school nurse for suspected substance abuse helps to break through denial of fat... Promote the client choose her own food anger doesn ’ t an effective way to promote the is! Are unnecessary unless the client high-quality Online Nursing continuing education courses may control. Can influence an individuals current adaptation response get someone else to drive you? ”, “ ’! Share common experiences and increase their understanding of alcoholism known as -- -- - Hypersexuality.

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